Monte Rosen

Founder, Managing Director
Stanford Graduate School of Business, US

Monte received his MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business where he attended the Public Management Program – the precursor to the renowned Center for Social Innovation. He held a variety of senior management positions in technology companies in the US and Asia, moving to Shanghai with his family in 2003.

Before working in business, Monte fostered educational programs around special needs. In the early 1980s, Monte ran an educational program targeted to teenagers and adults with developmental disabilities. He began leading trainings for an innovative program that helped special education professionals and parents collaborate on difficult issues.

In 2006, when ELG was founded, Monte was finally able to return to his early career. Upon moving to Shanghai and working with both expats and locals, Monte’s wife, Dr. Shari Rosen, realized how desperate the need for special education services in the city. She inspired Monte to change his career of twenty years to co-found ELG.

Monte is proud that his work allows him to make a difference in the lives of international and local families. In keeping with the motto of his alma mater, Stanford Graduate School of Business, he aims to ‘Change Lives. Change Organizations. Change the World’ and tries to incorporate it into ELG on a daily basis.