Mia Zhou

Music Therapy
M.A. Music Therapy,Temple University, US
B.A. Musicology,South China University of Technology, China

Mia is a registered and certified music therapist specializing in facilitating individual and group music therapy sessions for children with a wide range of needs. She is a dedicated American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) member.

Before joining ELG, Mia gained valuable experience working as a music therapist in various settings across the United States, serving diverse populations. Her clinical expertise involves evaluating and providing therapeutic music activities designed to support children with different needs.

As ELG’s devoted music therapist, Mia embraces a holistic approach to student development, utilizing music as a powerful therapeutic tool to unlock each student’s full potential. Her goal is to create a harmonious and enriching learning environment that nurtures the individuality of every child.

At the heart of Mia’s philosophy is a child-centered mindset that values the uniqueness of each young individual. She fosters an environment where music empowers children to explore, create, and build confidence.

Mandarin, English, Cantonese