Kathy Koenig

Speech-Language Pathologist, Voice Coach
B.Sc. Speech and Voice Therapy
CJD Institute Schlaffhorst-Andersen, Germany

Kathy, in addition to her speech-therapy work, is a licensed sound therapist, providing professional voice coaching to performers and other professionals, including educators, teaching them the art of extraordinary expression, and providing individual and group rehabilitative therapy. Kathy works closely with German and English-speaking schools to support children in multilingual households. She is an expert in breathing techniques, anti-stage-fright training, and vocal therapy. Kathy is also a certified trainer for a German-as-a-second language (GSL) program. She is passionate about supporting people in the process of developing and discovering their voice and language. Kathy believes that self-awareness is central to the enhancement of communication and a healthy, balanced outlook on life.

English, German