Jovana Babic

 M.A. Research Psychology 
University of Belgrade, Serbia 
B.A. Psychology 
Singidunum University, Serbia 

Jovana is a clinical psychologist and a research psychologist from Serbia. Before joining ELG, Jovana gathered diverse experiences in Serbia and Germany. Her clinical work focused mainly on crisis intervention and supporting clients with depression, aggression, and who were suicidal. Over the years, she has also published and presented her works at several national psychological association conferences. Jovana expanded her skills by pursuing teaching and school psychologist positions, providing support to children and families in numerous aspects. Through her experiences, Jovana gained familiarity with administering and interpreting various personality assessments, school readiness, and cognitive tests, including the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for both children and adults, Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory, Machover Draw-a-Person Test, Rotter Incomplete Sentence Blank, defense style questionnaire, and ego perception test. At ELG, Jovana applies her expertise to help children and families in meaningful ways. Jovana is fascinated by human behavior and is always motivated to improve the quality of life of her clients. 

Serbian, Croatian, English, German