Jinane Diab

Speech-Language Pathologist
B.S. Speech-Language Pathology Lebanese University, Lebanon
Jinane specializes in hearing impairments, language delays, articulation and stuttering, with a key focus on early intervention. She is experienced with the verbo-tonal method and auditory training for the hearing impaired. Prior to joining ELG, she worked as the head of speech-language pathology at a special school in Lebanon for 12 years, where she oversaw trainees and supported children with hearing impairments. She also worked as an independent speech language pathologist, serving young children with learning difficulties and various special needs. In 2010, she spoke on “The Importance of Early Intervention” at the Second National Colloquium: Deafness, Study and Research in Lebanon. In Shanghai, Jinane mainly supports the French community, providing individual therapy, assessments and helping with language development delay and articulation. As both a mother and a professional, she is always motivated by the idea of providing children with the necessary tools to express themselves and communicate, while also helping parents believe in their children’s capabilities.

French, English, Arabic