Jennifer Zhang

Speech-Language Specialist
MSc. Student, Psychological Therapies,
Queen Mary University of London, UK
B.A., Rehabilitation Therapy (Focused on Speech Rehabilitation),
Shanghai University of Sport, China

Jennifer specializes in providing personalized and evidence-based speech-language interventions and consultation services to children with autism, developmental delays, cerebral palsy and Down syndrome. Her clinical experience spans across private rehabilitation centers and public hospitals in Shanghai. Jennifer advocates for a multidisciplinary approach to help children achieve the best possible outcome. She is trained to deliver one-to-one and group interventions using Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS®), Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT), More Than Words and TalkTools therapy techniques to help children improve their communication skills. She also provides evaluation services using the Griffiths Child Development Scale, Rossetti Infant Language Assessment Scale and other assessment tools. Jennifer believes in the potential of every child and is committed to the development of speech therapy in China to change the lives of more families in need.

English, Mandarin, Shanghainese