If you are concerned about a student and want to refer them to The Essential Learning Group, you can call or email our Client Services Team:

Client Hotline: +86 4006 129 423
Main Office: +86 21 5206 6273

Email : [email protected]

Please ensure that you have permission from parents, or ask parents to contact us directly.

After receiving your inquiry, our Intake Specialist will consult with our multi-disciplinary team of experts to make recommendations about next steps.

The Intake Specialists will then schedule the Intake Interview or Initial Observation with parents and someone from the school, if appropriate.

If you are in doubt about making a referral, we find that usually means you have enough concern. Feel free to contact us to consult or ask what resources are available in the community.

Who do we support?


Our therapists and specialists at their weekly team meeting.

Our therapists and specialists at their weekly team meeting.

As we strive to support all aspects of a child’s life, we will work closely with schools. Our goal is to create a strong support system around the child, and we work with the parents to develop that support with all the relevant parties.

Our Clinic specialists travel throughout the cities where we have offices in order to provide services on international school campuses, working closely with administrators and teachers to contextualize therapy for students in their schools. We also work with schools to facilitate transitioning to our alternative program and/or back into an international school.

Developing a Partnership with The Essential Learning Group

Educators typically refer students to us when the school cannot meet a child’s needs. The most successful and efficient referral process is achieved when partnership and trust has been developed between The Essential Learning Group and the referring school. Parents can quickly access support services for their child when a specific provider is identified by the school, and an introduction is made. The referral process can be explained by school staff and the initial contact is made on the parents’ behalf.

In recent years, ELG has successfully supported students, families and professionals from many international school communities, such as: British International School of Shanghai (BISS), Western International School of Shanghai (WISS), Shanghai American School (SAS), Yew Chung International School of Shanghai (YCIS), and more.

We recommend:

  • Visiting one of our offices and finding out more about the services we offer
  • Introducing parents to ELG through an email introduction
  • Inviting ELG to visit your school, to gain an understanding of the school’s support services and ethos

Additional Resources for Educators

When a child applies to your school and does not meet your admissions criteria, we advise the Admissions Office to refer the family to ELG. We offer a school selection consultation service and have a full-time therapeutic and educational program for children with any learning needs.

When a child enters your school and has learning needs, we can support your school in assessing the child’s needs and developing a classroom support plan.

If there are concerns about a child being at risk, we recommend consultation with our child-protection social worker.

When a school is reviewing or developing its learning support offerings, ELG can provide consultation services. ELG is the expert provider of special education services in Shanghai, and is committed to sharing resources and knowledge in order to increase the support available to students in the wider community.

Medical Professionals and Doctors

We work with healthcare professionals and doctors to provide pediatric therapy for children.

We work with healthcare professionals and doctors to provide pediatric therapy for children.

Doctors are usually the first point of contact for families with children with special needs. Parents are often shocked to hear their child has special needs, and making a referral to a specialized service provider like ELG can be a big source of support, as it lets families know there is someone who can help them.

Doctors may know that a child requires a specific type of support, such as speech therapy, and can refer to ELG directly for such treatment.  At other times, it may be less clear and the patient may need to undergo testing to confirm a child’s diagnosis, such as if the physician suspects a child has ADHD and recommends testing.  In either case, ELG can support families as the best course of action is determined.

ELG is a provider of ancillary services and mental health services. We can support a child’s health plan through the following: Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech-Language Therapy and diverse forms of psychological support for the individual or the entire family.

We offer a full multi-disciplinary service allowing us to diagnose and treat complex medical and developmental conditions.  All of our specialists are qualified in their respective fields and can administer assessments and create reports.

Our full-time therapeutic program caters to children in need of intensive support, including children with global developmental delay, autism spectrum disorders, rare syndromes (genetic), learning disabilities and socio-emotional or behavioral problems. Therapeutic support is directly incorporated into the children’s day as needed.

We are able to provide services in a wide range of languages, please inquire for further details.

Relocation Officers

We understand that for most families, our services are not needed. However, addressing the unique challenges faced by a family that is relocating with a child requiring different support services is difficult.  Because this situation is less common and often more complicated, we would like to offer our services as a resource for you.

We have qualified professionals with years of experience working with children with special needs and developmental delays and we can provide support for you as you help these families transition to life in China.  We offer both guidance as to how to support these families as well as an alternative education option for students.

Our full-time program, The Innovative Learning Center, is open year-round for “look/see” family visits. Families who have children with therapeutic or learning support needs can be referred to our Clinic services.  These families may have received support in their previous country and are looking to continue this in Shanghai.  Our specialists and the relationships we have working with schools can make this transition a smooth one.

Corporate HR Professionals

When a child of an employee is struggling in school, this causes stress for their entire family and may impact the employee’s performance. Frequently, companies involve our organization to support a family figuring out what solutions are available to them and relieve stress from everyone involved.

Though our company focuses on children, adolescents and their families; our specialists are trained to work with adults and have therefore developed a range of relevant services to a corporate environment, including a very successful accent modification program.

Our consultants have been called in for advice in crisis management or crisis response, involving one member of staff and/or their family, or a situation that calls for a team-focused response

Consulate Staff

Our organization has been recognized by a wide range of consulates as a quality provider of therapy and education services, allowing consulate families with children with special needs to successful relocate to Shanghai.

Consulate staff can directly contact our Intake Specialist or refer families in need or crisis.