Designing the Best Plan for Your Child



Based on a thorough understanding of the individual, we develop specific, measurable goals for them to achieve. This master plan is used by all our staff as the foundation for day to day planning. It provides a benchmark for tracking progress and is constantly adjusted in line with progress.

Each child has an individualized education plan (IEP), which is developed to set individualized goals in all areas, not just inside ELG, but for professionals working in health and social care. It tracks things such as communication, handwriting, physical and motor development, as well as a range of health outcomes.

We also provide transition planning for anyone who will move onto an international school or relocate so that there can be continuity of care wherever they are moving to.

My son has shown that he absolutely loves his teachers; when your child goes to school and hugs every one of the staff you know there is a truly personal relationship there.

– Carolina, ELG Parent