Professional Development

ELG has a history of providing support and professional development throughout the communities that it works in. As such we offer workshops and other events tailored exclusively to educators, school administrators and other professionals working in the international education communities of East Asia. We can come to any school or facility all over China and provide training one on one or to a whole team, in English or Chinese.

 Inclusion in Shanghai International Schools. Discussion session for educators.

We have created a unique, multi-faceted and rich program, with opportunities for professional development in many areas, such as:

  • Language development
  • Fine motor skills (including handwriting)
  • Learning difficulties and disorders
  • Psycho-educational assessments and comprehensive recommendations
  • Executive functioning and concentration problems
  • Behavior management
  • Social skills development

Our expert speakers and facilitators all work in international environments and are experts in child development in their respective fields. They work in ELG, using a unique multidisciplinary and collaborative approach, and incorporate a holistic approach to their work, involving parents and educators when working with children.

ELG networking event, providing opportunities for educators to meet and talk about relevant issues.

“Through receiving and providing ELG trainings, conducting classroom consultations and working with interns and volunteers, I was able to continuously define and refine my own professional process and broaden my skill set.”

— Han, Educational Psychologist