Learning Support

What is Learning Support?

Learning Support is additional support to assist students who are either experiencing difficulties with their current studies, or require extra help beyond that given by their school.

Who benefits from Learning Support?

Students who are performing below grade level, as well as those diagnosed with learning disabilities, can benefit from Learning Support services.

What does Learning Support consist of?

Learning Support is offered in one-on-one settings with a learning expert. Sessions are tailored to the individual’s specific needs, and usually involve close cooperation between parents and teachers to maximize the impact of the additional support on the child’s life. Sessions might take place in the classroom, or parallel to it, helping the child with their tasks as they come up. Alternatively, sessions could be provided outside of school hours, giving one-on-one help in the needed areas.

What can Learning Support help with?

  • Students performing below grade level
  • Students with generalized learning disabilities
  • Reading difficulties
  • Written expression, spelling, and grammar
  • Math difficulties
  • Executive function difficulties

What is the first step?

When you contact us, our Intake Specialist will discuss your needs and concerns with you over the phone. She will then consult with our team of specialists to match you with the most suitable professional to support you and your child.

You will then meet with the specialist(s) for an intake meeting, during which they will work with you to determine the most appropriate next steps for your child. The intake meeting usually involves a parent interview, an observation of your child, or a screening activity with your child.


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