Physical Therapy

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy helps children develop and improve skills such as sitting, standing, crawling, and walking, as well as holding and manipulating objects.

Who benefits from Physical Therapy?

Children who have problems with any aspect of their physical development, from kicking a ball to handwriting or tying shoelaces. Physical Therapy helps to develop strength and motion in children, increasing their ability to move through their environment easily and effectively.

What is Pediatric Physical Therapy?

The goals in Physical Therapy often include helping with fine and gross motor developmental milestones. Gross motor skills include actions such as kicking a ball or maintaining balance, whereas fine motor skills include actions such as writing, buttoning a shirt, and grasping small objects.

What does Physical Therapy consist of?

Physical Therapists provide motivation, diverse challenges and great rewards in working towards increasing mobility through strengthening the child and their motor skills. Techniques include:

  • Manual Manipulation (Infant Massage and Joint Massage)
  • Therapeutic Exercises
  • Developmental and Recreational Play
  • Neurodevelopmental Training for children to attain optimum mobility in their daily activities
  • Adaptation of gross motor activities to a child’s special need

What can Physical Therapy help with?

Increased mobility means increased independence which opens the child to: fitting in, engaging in exercises, participating in sports and other activities.

What is the first step?

When you contact us, our Intake Specialist will discuss your need3s and concerns with you over the phone. She will then consult with our team of specialists to match you with the most suitable professional to support you and your child.

You will then meet with the specialist(s) for an intake meeting, during which they will work with you to determine the most appropriate next steps for your child. The intake meeting usually involves a parent interview, an observation of your child, or a screening activity with your child.


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