Candy Leung

Executive Director
Global MBA
Manchester Business School,
University of Manchester, UK

Ms. Leung earned her Global MBA from Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK. She is highly experienced in strategy implementation and has held a variety of leadership roles in child-centered businesses.

Prior to joining ELG, Ms. Leung worked in Shanghai and Beijing in management positions for a renowned English language center and drove success throughout the business. She was responsible for developing and implementing business plans to improve processes, products, and customer experiences. By effectively inspiring and aligning project teams, she led the company to achieve common goals.

As ELG’s Executive Director, Ms. Leung provides strategic leadership for ELG’s services, programs, marketing and communications. Her leadership style is child- and family-centered, and she is committed to providing premium services and programs based on best practices that deliver measurable results and help each child reach their full potential. Ms. Leung and her teams not only support ELG families, but also partner with diverse organizations in the community – from education and healthcare to volunteer sectors – to further strengthen their support for ELG families.

Ms. Leung supports the entire ELG community, from home to school, from every child to ELG team member. Her commitment to child-centric, evidence-based approaches ensure positive results and standards are achieved for all.