Year Title Description
2016 It’s a Dad’s life: Andrew Hill  Founder and director Andrew Hill covers topics touching upon adjusting to family life in Shanghai and how he has integrated his passion for assisting the community into what has transformed into ELG. ​
2015 The Essential Learning Group on Special Education Children who are brought up in multilingual homes are usually exposed to many languages. How will this affect their language development?
Raising Multilingual Children : What You Need to Know Cofounder Shari Rosen discusses how ELG is striving to raise awareness on different disabilities and conditions in the Shanghai Community.
Art Recipes for Children to be More Happy and Confident Early Intervention Program Leader Robin Shepard provides us with two craft “recipes” for young children.
2013 Social Kids How to help kids thrive in a multi-cultural environment.
Finding Balance New city, new friends, new schools and so much homework! Practical ways to help kids adjust to a new life and new routines.
My Child Can Do No Wrong Or can they? How much does the direction your child takes in life depend on you?
Relocating…Again Expert advice for helping your children adjust in a new place.
Get It Write Despite the dawning of the digital age, good old-fashioned handwriting remains a required skill for kids. But what do you do when your child’s handwriting is illegible?
2012 Making the Connection They’re often smart and talented, but kids with Asperger’s Syndrome have no idea how to relate to family and peers on an interpersonal and social level. How can families help them make the connection?
40 Years of Social Innovators Our founders sharing their stories of creating change for social good.
Just Playing Around How to develop your child’s brain through fun.
Our Learning Partner, SCIS Our partnership with SCIS-HIS.
2011 Dealing with Learning Disabilities If your child is not able to succeed academically despite all their effort and hard-work, he or she could be suffering from a learning disability. Time to intervene!
How Much is Too Much Children are put under a lot of pressure with a range of activities, how much is too much?
One Size Fits Whom How schools can adapt to different learning styles in an international environment.
2010 Taking a Leap of Faith Taking a leap of faith on an excursion.
2010 Giving First Person Singular Spotlight on one of our founder’s deep commitment to charity.
2009 Learning Limitations Insufficient special needs programs force parents and educators to push for change.
2006 Ask the Professional Advice on speech development.
Leading the Way At least 11 established international schools can be found here in Shanghai, each with its own unique curriculum. But in the realm of special education, our schools are lagging behind.
2005 A Special Trip for Special Ed An inspirational article about taking risks and helping children with extra needs gain confidence.