We all love spring when the trees are starting to bloom, and the first flowers are growing. The sun is shining and it’s getting warmer. Why not use this opportunity for a playful massage?
Read on below for an example of a fun storytelling and massage activity to do with your child: 
Springtime Massage

A beautiful spring day, the sky is blue, and the sun is shining…

Rub both hands together and warm the upper back

What is going on with our garden? Weeds everywhere!! So, let’s get to work. First, we must loosen the earth with the rake…

Hands and fingers imitate the rake

Now we can pull out the first weed. We reach down to the root and pull, pull, pull – well done

Fingers gently pinch the back

Oh, there is a dandelion! We pick the blossom and blow the thousand little parachutes up into the air…

Pick and blow

The long root must also come out. With the digging fork we loosen the earth…

Imitate the digging with your fingers

Now we have caught the whole root. And now we dig here again and pull out weeds… 

and dig a bit over there 

Imitate with your hands and fingers as above

Our patch is already clean. Only the lumps of earth are still too big and firm. We crumble them with our hands so that it becomes a very fine earth

Fingers crawl all over the back

What do we have to do now? – Make a groove for the seeds – right – we take an old broom and make straight furrows

The edge of the hand imitates the furrows

We now want to sow carrots (or radishes or some other vegetables). We gently sprinkle the seeds in the furrows…

Imitate with your fingers

Sprinkle some earth over it – well done

Imitate earth falling with your fingertips

We also want to plant beautiful flowers. For this, we take flower bulbs, tulips, daffodils… We dig small holes and insert the bulbs. Should we put 4, 5 or 6 flowers in each row?

Imitate – draw a line, dig a hole with your finger and press in the bulbs

Now sprinkle new good earth over it. We are already done. Or? Oh, we must still pour. So, go ahead, get a watering can and fill it up with water…

Imitate the sounds of getting the can and the sound of water

…and now we water the patch

Make a sound – Tsch -, imitate water with your fingers

Great! – And the sun is still shining…

Rub hands like at the beginning and warm the upper back

Twilight is slowly coming. The sun sinks on the horizon.

Hands slide slowly, very slowly down the back and then gently lift off

Now it is completely calm and peaceful.

This is one example of integrating different topics into a relaxing massage for children. Of course, the story topic can be changed. Animal stories are also very suitable for a child-friendly massage. For example, the child could be a “zoo director” who fills his zoo with animals of his choice. First, the individual animal enclosures are drawn on the back. Then, every animal that is chosen by your child will be imitated with hands and fingers on the back.

Try it out this special Springtime massage with your child now!